Improve Your Pump’s Reliability: Protect Your Bearings

Isolators are essential in preventing oil leaks and contamination of bearings, housings, and the oil itself. Isolators, on the other hand, work only when they are maintained according to best practices.

Maintaining an appropriate oil level inside the cavity, that is, neither too high nor too low, is a technique that is frequently overlooked. To avoid reliability issues, the sight glass must be halfway full. A half-full sight glass indicates that the oil level is in the center of the bottom-most ball of the bearing. If the oil is overfilled, the bearing will overheat and wear out faster. Underfilling the cavity will result in insufficient lubrication and bearing failure.

*Take note that you must level the pump and motor if the sight glass shows that the oil level is halfway full but the bottom ball bearing is not completely submerged in oil.

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