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Improve Your Pump’s Reliability: Protect Your Bearings

Isolators are essential in preventing oil leaks and contamination of bearings, housings, and the oil itself. Isolators, on the other hand, work only when they are maintained according to best practices. Maintaining an appropriate oil level inside the cavity, that is, neither too high nor too low, is a technique that is frequently overlooked. To avoid reliability issues, the sight glass must be halfway full. A half-full sight glass indicates that the oil level is

Which Pump Impeller Is The Best?

The best pump impeller for your application will depend on the fluid being pumped, the required head pressure, the NPSHa, and each system’s limitations.

Maintaining Isolators: Keep Your Pump Level

By ensuring that your pump and motor are level on both the X and Y axes, you can significantly improve your Mean Time Between Failure for your entire assembly, not just your isolators.

GWI Certified Lift Station Troubleshooting Class

 Since 2021, when the State of Georgia certified our “Submersible Lift Station Troubleshooting” class, we have been offering this CPU accredited training class. We believe that pump and lift station reliability deeply depend on using best practices when troubleshooting problems. In this class our customers and participants will learn best practices for troubleshooting their lift stations, and in return for their participation, they will receive 6 CEU points!  You can look up the class under

Goforth Williamson, inc. is pleased to announce the acquisition of Gilbert Pump & Mechanical, Inc.

Gilbert Pump & Mechanical, inc. is a trusted pump distributor servicing the Alabama and Florida panhandle. By combining our resources, we are in a stronger position to help service your pumping needs. In addition to the expertise of the GPM personnel, which is already offered, we can add additional support for your pump and service needs. GWI has approximately 50 employees, consisting of application engineers, service engineers, sales, mechanics, machinist, and field service. As well